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Hibbett to be acquired by JD Sports Fashion in $1.1 billion deal

In a $1.1 billion transaction, Birmingham retailer Hibbett will be acquired by UK retailer JD Sports Fashion.

Markets traveled a tough road in 2023

Despite the easing of inflation, the Business Alabama Quarterly Stock Index ended in negative terrain for the third quarter of 2023.

Public Company Performances 2023

Alabama's annual public company performances, including rankings based on sales, assets, return on equity, revenue growth and more.

Wall Street pummeled with rate hikes and inflation

Business Alabama's year in the stock market, running from May 31, 2022 through May 31, 2023.

CEO Paychecks 2023

Business Alabama's annual look at Alabama's public company CEOs and what they are paid.

Public Company Performances 2022

Rankings of Alabama's public companies based on sales and assets, as well as other financial metrics.

CEO Paychecks 2022

What the chief executive officers of Alabama's public companies get paid and how the pay compares to company performance.

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