NASA mission with Alabama roots ends successfully

NASA’s Artemis I mission, powered by a Huntsville Marshall Space Flight Center-designed and managed Space Launch System rocket, successfully ended Sunday with a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean

Orbital Assembly will host space payloads

Huntsville-based Orbital Assembly says that it will offer space program and mission support services for payloads on the company’s micro and artificial gravity space stations

Aerojet Rocketdyne expanding Huntsville presence

Aerojet Rocketdyne, already a major presence in Huntsville, is expanding with a new 379,000-square-foot facility

Artemis I, with Alabama-designed rocket, successfully launches

NASA’s Space Launch System, a Huntsville-designed rocket that the space agency calls the most powerful rocket in the world, launched early this morning from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida

SLS rocket, Webb telescope among Time’s Inventions of the Year

Both NASA's Space Launch System and its Webb telescope are among Time's Inventions of the Year

Studying cancer, Southern Research sends bacteria to space

Birmingham-based Southern Research has provided 11 bacterial strains – part of a study of an approach to fighting cancer – that are on board...

South students build satellite to study Earth’s plasma layer

University of South Alabama students built JagSat-1, which currently orbits the Earth measuring free electron density.

Beyond Gravity wins ULA contract

Beyond Gravity will manufacture 38 payload fairings for the Vulcan rockets that United Launch Alliance will use to deliver Amazon’s Project Kuiper to space.

Alabama companies contributed to Webb telescope success

A look at Alabama companies involved in the James Webb Space Telescope project

Flight school teaches Auburn students to soar

Auburn's program is creating pilots of the future

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