Birmingham Disparity Study Needs More Business Input

A study to determine if minority- and woman-owned businesses are getting their fair share of contracts from the City of Birmingham needs more input from the local business community.

The study, scheduled to be completed by the end of August, by Griffin & Strong PC will be a comprehensive look at the number of minority- and woman-owned businesses in the region, the amount of business they receive from the city and barriers that impede their success.

Part of the study, Birmingham’s first disparity study since 2007, includes a survey of businesses to capture demographic and anecdotal information about companies, their capacity, and their impressions about doing business with the city of Birmingham. Griffin & Strong partnered with Creative Research Solutions to create the Survey of Business Owners, which can be found here. The survey is set to close April 5.

“The first step in solving any problem is to gather the facts, and this is a key part of that process,” said Cornell Wesley, director of the Department of Innovation and Economic Opportunity at the city of Birmingham. “The more businesses we get involved, the better picture we’ll have and the better path we will have going forward.”

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