Birmingham-based Techstars Accelerator Announces Inaugural Class of Startups

Three Alabama startups and seven from outside the state are among the inaugural class of the Techstars Alabama EnergyTech Accelerator.

“Birmingham’s startup community is on the rise, and Techstars is a major step in its evolution as one of our country’s brightest entrepreneurial hubs,” said Nate Schmidt, managing director of Techstars.

Teams selected for the 13-week mentorship-driven accelerator program, with descriptions from Techstars, are:

  • Ashipa Electric (Birmingham). Microgrid developer creating power solutions to energize economic activities in underserved communities across the globe.
  • EnergyHawk (Boston, Massachusetts). Satellite Powered Energy Assessments, designed to accelerate the growth of distributed energy solutions.
  • Project Canary (Denver, Colorado). Climate-tech company helping to solve climate change through continuous monitoring of methane emissions.
  • Resilient Power (Atlanta, Georgia). Hardware startup addressing grid upgrades necessary for the transition to electric vehicles.
  • doit (Birmingham). Providing electrical system mapping and circuit analysis software.
  • Sync Energy (New York). No-code AI-based predictive software that streamlines planning and operations for electrical utilities, especially during emergencies.
  • Elektrik (Salt Lake City). Building the first online marketplace for the electrical wholesale industry.
  • TruSPin Nanomaterial Innovation (Birmingham). A UAB spin-out company creating new solutions for the battery industry through innovations in Silicon-based nanofibers.
  • ShipShape AI (Austin). A software platform that networks together critical systems in homes to reduce risk, improve performance and connect homes to providers – like a “check engine” light.
  • Virimodo (New York). Web app offering carbon reduction intelligence for building owners and their tenants.

“One unique aspect of our accelerator is the focus on energy and cleantech,” Schmidt said. “In the near future, when Alabama is viewed as a global leader for startups in these industries, this accelerator class will be viewed as the start of that movement.”

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Techstars partners include Alabama Power, the Alabama Department of Commerce, the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama, Altec, PowerSouth and the University of Alabama.

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