ITAC: Best Small Employer

For the fourth year in a row, ITAC has been nominated as one of Alabama’s Best Companies to Work For. This year, ITAC is number one in the state.

This staffing company, headquartered in Birmingham, started out with a focus on IT and accounting. As years went by, clients would return to ITAC for other staffing needs, so their specialties grew. Today, general corporate professionals, such as administrative assistants and human resources representatives, are the highest volume of staffing needs. While most clients are in Birmingham, other offices are located in Mobile, Nashville and Huntsville.

Brian Pitts, owner and managing partner, makes sure his employees know he is truly invested in them and their wellbeing.

“I get a kick out of watching their success, ” he says. “I try to treat them as well as I treat my customers.”

The door is always open for employees who need to speak with Pitts. He wants employees to feel comfortable and collaborative. Pitts understands that the staffing business can be tough — employees often work more than 40 hours per week. But he stresses that family always comes first, even if that means bringing your children to work occasionally.

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“Work and life are fused together these days, and we embrace that, ” he says.

Pitts tries to keep the job fun and promote teamwork with contests and giveaways. Winners of one contest last year were treated to dinner, a day off and a “swag bag” full of spa certificates, prepaid Visa cards, iPads and plane tickets.

“When we do things like this, we intentionally mismatch the teams from all different offices, ” he says. “We wanted to promote some cross-office teamwork.”

Employees who meet their annual goal receive cash bonuses. But it doesn’t stop there. One of Pitts’ favorite programs for his employees is called “Club Hire.” About three years ago, Pitts started sending any employee who meets his or her stretch goal on an all expense paid, four-day trip for the employee and a guest. If an employee meets the goal but can’t make the trip, Pitts will often arrange for special family trips.

“I think if they work hard, they earn it, ” he says. “These trips are truly free. They don’t even have to take vacation time to go on them.”

Schedule flexibility, job perks, bonuses, company parties and paid time off let the employees know how important they are to the company. Pitts also gives everyone eight hours per quarter to do community work of their choice.

“I’m not afraid to let the employees know how much they mean to us, ” he says. “Without them, there is no company.”

Employees at ITAC also have a sense of fulfillment with the actual job they perform. By helping people find jobs and transition into happier places, employees know they are contributing to the greater good. ITAC employees often receive thank you cards from people who they have helped. By being a part of peoples’ lives during difficult times, the employees lay the foundation for true friendships.

“We’re lucky that we get to help people get into happier places, ” he says. “If you’re unhappy at work it affects your life.”

Laura Stakelum is a freelance writer for Business Alabama. She lives in Dothan.

Text by Laura Stakelum

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