Austal’s LCS 28 completes sea trials

Austal's USS Savannah
The future USS Savannah takes to the water for sea trials in the Gulf of Mexico. Photo courtesy of Austal USA

The future USS Savannah, a littoral combat ship built for the U.S. Navy by Austal USA in Mobile, has successfully completed acceptance trials in the Gulf of Mexico — the fourth Austal ship to complete sea trials in the past year, despite the global pandemic.

During acceptance trials, ships complete a series of tests that demonstrate their readiness for service.

“It’s always exciting to see these great ships return from the Gulf after a successful sea trial event,” Austal USA Interim President Rusty Murdaugh said. “Working together with our Navy teammates, Austal’s highly talented shipbuilders have prepared another combat ship for delivery and we look forward to handing her over to the Navy soon so she can join her sister ships on the West Coast preparing for deployment.”

The LCS is a shallow-draft craft designed to operate on shallow, coastal waters or in the open ocean.

Five ships, including the Savannah, are in construction at Austal — the future USS Canberra (LCS 30) launched in March and is now preparing for trials; the future USS Santa Barbara and USS Augusta are in final assembly; and construction began on the future USS Kingsville earlier this year.

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Both the USS Oakland and the USS Mobile have been commissioned and delivered to the Navy.

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