“Assistance” Theme of Automakers’ Messages

When the going gets tough, the tough get new marketing strategy.

That’s been the case with quick-responding automakers across the board, who have added new voiceovers and print messages to their stock imagery of families and individuals enjoying their new ride.

Sometimes, there’s just about no car imagery at all, instead showing much-needed serene imagery and, eventually, a company logo.

Hyundai Motor America was among the latest to test these waters, but it also wanted to get across to potential buyers that it was reinstating its Hyundai Assurance plan this week. All of its previous ads have been pulled. New multimedia ads have this voiceover:

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“Nothing is more important than family, especially in uncertain times. In response to the recent world events, we’re taking steps to protect our family with Hyundai Assurance. When you buy or lease a new Hyundai between now and April 30, we’ll cut your payments for up to six months in the event you lose your job this year as a result of COVID-19.”

Toyota, General Motors and Ford Motor Co. also have revised their creative content in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Advertising Age noted this week that reliance on old footage has gotten the message to market quicker and reflects the difficulty of shooting new scenes due to the coronavirus.

The Japanese automaker said in a statement it would be thanking healthcare professionals and government officials on the front lines of the problem and adjusting advertising “to reflect a more timely market message.”

Cadillac, with help from the Leo Burnett agency, wins the nod for the simplest, snappiest message. “At Cadillac, we have your back,” their ad touts.

A voiceover continues: “Cadillac knows that we’re living in uncertain times but also that we will get through by working together. That’s why it is offering flexible payment arrangements. It is also extending OnStar Crisis Assist Services and in-vehicle WiFi data to all Cadillac owners for a limited time.”

They’ll also ship buyers a new vehicle directly to their home, the ad notes.

Ford Motor Co. was the first to launch a Covid-19 specific spot, according to MediaPost, a New York-based media specialist. It carried details on what Ford Credit customers might expect in terms of assistance during the crisis.

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