Alabama Law Blocks Exposing Visa Abuse

Alabama, with what’s regarded as the toughest anti-immigrant stance in the nation, couldn’t protect one of its own in a tough-as-nails whistleblower fight over visas. 

Jack “Jay” Palmer questioned the way his employer, Infosys, was using B-1 visas to bring in Indian nationals to work at the Huntsville office. In response, he said, the company demeaned and demoted him. He filed suit but lost—and here’s the big irony—because Alabama’s “at will” work standard doesn’t protect a worker, even when the company is accused of an activity tantamount to promoting illegal immigration. 

Infosys told the New York Times it felt exonerated by the judge’s ruling. But another whistleblower has filed a similar civil claim in California and the company’s policies are getting a scan for possible criminal action in Texas.

By Nedra Bloom

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