Alabama Hospitals Down $739 Million, Virus Deficit

Don Williamson, president and CEO of the Alabama Hospital Association

Alabama hospitals have lost about $739 million in revenue during the virus crisis, the head of the Alabama Hospital Association told the Anniston Star last week.

AHA CEO Don Williamson said his organization estimates a little more than $400 million in federal CARES Act money has come to Alabama hospitals.

“So, roughly half of the expenses and lost revenue has been made up by the CARES Act, but only half. So, you know, that’s why hospitals are in real difficulty, and why the longer this goes on the greater the threat to the health care system.”

“All these things are going to help, but at the end of the day, it’s really going to be about the sooner we can get COVID-19 under control and return the health care system to something resembling normal, whatever that is, the better off we’re going to be and the longer it goes, the greater the financial strain,” said Williamson.

“We have got to get (COVID-19) under control so the system can begin to function normally, otherwise, I have no doubt we will lose rural hospitals,” Williamson said. “We may lose some large hospital systems, as well.”

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