AIDT and Hyundai Power Transformers Partner on Training Workers

AIDT and Hyundai Power Transformers are partnering on an immersive learning job training program to grow the number of manufacturing professionals in the power transformer industry.

AIDT and HPT are working with immersive learning startup TRANSFR to roll out job training on a statewide virtual scale.

“This is an application of VR technology that extends well beyond what many of us are familiar with from gaming or consumer apps. It’s about harnessing the potential of immersive learning to train and certify employees on critical, in-demand skills at unprecedented scale,” said Tony Wojciechowski, chief human resource officer at HPT. “It’s providing employers like us with a powerful new tool to train, recruit and hire talent right here in Alabama.”

The training program will use a simulation of HPT’s seven-story manufacturing facility to simulate the workspace, machinery used and safety protocols required to make and move power transformers that are as heavy as 800,000 pounds.

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The program will help increase compliance with industry standards as HPT employees learn how to operate and service cranes within OSHA standards, using a highly repeatable and consistent training process.

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, the manufacturing sector accounts for 17% of Alabama’s total economic output and 13% of the state’s jobs — 271,000 total jobs as of 2019. This latest collaboration between AIDT and HPT will help advance the goal Gov. Kay Ivey set in 2018 of adding 500,000 skilled employees to Alabama’s workforce by 2025.

“Alabama is leading the way in harnessing the potential of technology to unlock economic opportunity for citizens across the state,” said Bharani Rajakumar, founder and CEO of TRANSFR. “This is about expanding access to complex and high-stakes training to fulfill the state’s workforce development goals and fulfill growing demand from major manufacturers like HPT.”

Located in Montgomery, Hyundai Power Transformers creates power transformers that fit customer’s needs, including oil immersed transformers, dry transformers, cast resin transformers and specialty transformers.

TRANSFR’s virtual training replicates an on-the-job environment anywhere without the overhead of a training facility while reducing the training time compared to a traditional training environment.

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