Adventech plans multi-million-dollar expansion in Florence

Expansion boosted by rising demand for electric engines

Maxeff Induction Motor
Maxeff Induction Motor

Adventech, maker of electric industrial motors, has announced plans for a multi-million-dollar investment to expand and scale its facility in Florence.

“The investment is necessary due to increasing market demand for the ‘Maxeff’ industrial electric motor, ‘Adventview’ remote monitoring system and the ‘MaxDrive’ variable frequency drive systems,” the company said in announcing the expansion. “Adventech is also committed to deploying a dedicated sales team over the coming weeks, as well as enhancing our distribution partnership with Flanders Electric.”

While most electric motors rely on an induction motor circuit, Adventech says its products also use a second induction generator circuit, adding, “Maxeff’s two-circuit design uses the same magnetic field, rotor and stator to produce more shaft power than similar induction electric motors.

“The motor circuit is directly connected to power and the generator circuit is 180 phase out. When the motor is connected DOL (Direct Online), the motoring circuits come into action, which draws a lower current since it utilizes only 2/3 of the winding, limiting higher Inrush current. Once the generator circuit is excited, the motor comes into a full circuit. At that point, the motor’s speed is increased, which does not demand a high Inrush current and still has higher LRC (Locked Rotor Current).”

Adventech CEO Rob Ballman said, “Adventech’s demand from the market over the last 24 months has been remarkable. Our customer base can now have confidence that Adventech is committed to addressing demand and service needs in the same manner we addressed their efficiency needs. The reliability and availability of our products now rivals Maxeff’s overall savings performance, and Adventech is committed to be the leading solutions provider in all segments of the electric motor market. This investment sends a message to the market that Adventech is ready to compete.”

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