Advanced Manufacturer Opens Major Expansion

Longleaf Machining expansion team, including President Tom McMillan, General Manager Robert Blackburn, Office Manager Vivian Bell Mathis, Operations Manager Adam Rigby and Sales Manager Roger Templeton

Longleaf Machining, a leading advanced manufacturing company in south Alabama, began operations last week of a major expansion facility — a six-axis, computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining plant.

The new operations expand CNC machining capacity to large parts for the Brewton, Alabama-based company’s wide range of industry customers, from aerospace to oil field services.

The expansion offers “bigger jobs and bigger and better customers — commercial aircraft, industrial equipment, shipbuilding, military equipment — making things that make a difference,” said Longleaf President Tom McMillan.

Joining McMillan for the expansion opening Dec. 9 was state Rep. Chris Pringle (R-Mobile) and Brewton Mayor Yank Lovelace. McMillan credited the city of Brewton for donation of the new annex property, located adjacent to the headquarters in Brewton Industrial Park.

Longleaf Machining was founded in 2008, offering full service, close-tolerance contract machining with the use of computer numerically controlled (CNC) and manual machines. Prior to that and the expansion into full service custom parts and prototyping, the machining facilities were focused on making precision parts for the Ben Pearson Archery Co.

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Located in the center of the Alabama’s oil exploration activities, Longleaf’s specialties include such equipment as oil valves and mud pumps. According to Operations Manager Adam Rigby, the new expansion offers Longleaf’s aerospace customers larger and more intricate parts, including turbines and impellers.

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