Accountants Create Rapid Response Unit

In response to our call for stories from the front lines of the ongoing virus crisis, Kari Wolfe, with Avizo Group, an accounting firm in Fairhope, Alabama, shared this with us:

Like everyone, the accounting industry has been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Overall, as an industry, we are lucky to be able to continue working. The coronavirus threat became a reality right in the middle of our “busy season,” so before all the new legislation came out about extending tax deadlines, many firms already shifted their employees to remote working.

One of the things we’re focused on at Avizo Group Inc. is to make sure we’re keeping our clients and community informed of all the new deadlines, regulations, loans, grants and mandates that impact businesses. Although we’re still in tax season, we created a Coronavirus Response Team to track relief efforts, such as payroll tax credits, SBA Disaster Loans and the Payroll Protection Program. As information becomes available, this team is committed to being able to quickly share what we know by emailing and calling affected clients, while also breaking down the complicated regulations and sharing easy-to-understand information on our social media pages.

Our goal is to provide some peace of mind for our clients and community members who are concerned about the viability of their businesses. Though the government has implemented “fast” measures, there are many areas that need clarification, and we’ve created an entire sector of people who spend their evenings researching to become overnight “experts” who have answers to questions and unclear regulations.

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