A Cure for Alabama’s Nursing Shortage

Wallace State Community College’s Department of Nursing Education and the University of Alabama at Birmingham are partnering to give Wallace State students a path from an associate degree to a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

The new program will take nine semesters to complete. Students are required to complete four semesters of academic coursework before applying to both Wallace State and UAB in advance of the fifth semester. Classes for the last five semesters would be completed concurrently at the Wallace State-Hanceville campus and online through UAB.

It will begin with the class admitted in the spring 2020 semester; applications are currently being accepted through Sept. 1, 2019. Admission will also be available in fall 2020, with applications accepted from March 1 to May 15, 2020.

Wallace State is the first community college to launch this ADN/BSN partnership program with UAB, referred to as the UAB Nursing Community College Partnership Joint Enrollment Program. Wallace State also has a joint Admission Agreement for general undergraduate admission with UAB.

“We constantly strive to provide the best opportunities for our students and our communities,” says Dr. Vicki Karolewics, president of Wallace State. “This agreement acknowledges our longstanding partnership with UAB, and a dedication to excellence and innovation by both nursing departments. It will open doors to advancement for our students and be a boon to a workforce in need of nurses.”

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