Top Headlines: Ivey works on reopening timetable, Farmers’ markets adapting to epidemic

Ivey working on a timetable to reopen Alabama
Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey will work with the state health officer “to firm up a timetable to reopen” state businesses, her office said Friday, as the state’s current stay-home order for the coronavirus outbreak sets to expire on April 30. Facing political pressure to follow the aggressive plans of other Southern states — including Georgia, which began reopening businesses Friday — Ivey has stated that the decision to reopen will be driven by data. Ivey spokeswoman Gina Maiola said, “we will probably hear an announcement from them early next week as to how Alabama will gradually phase in business.” – AP

Eligible Alabama households with school children to receive food benefits in May
Parents who have children home from school, may soon receive help to buy groceries. The Alabama Department of Human Resources will issue “Pandemic EBT” benefits to eligible students. The program includes current (SNAP) recipients, as well as any other children who are eligible for a free or reduced-price meal at school. – WBMA

Alabama farmers’ markets adapting to epidemic
COVID-19 may change the routine of farmers’ markets, but it isn’t going to stop them from opening throughout Alabama in coming weeks. Officials at the state’s Farmers Market Authority, a division of the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, expect a boom season and have issued guidelines for doing business during the pandemic. –

Alabama hospitals being forced to reduce hours for employees, furlough others
The financial health of Alabama’s hospitals is strained right now as the stay-at-home order restricts elective procedures and outpatient operations. Furloughs and hour reductions began for workers today at Infirmary Health, which says it has to make staffing adjustments to account for the revenue loss due to COVID-19.Healthcare say it’s putting a strain on many employees. “Without any patients, we don’t have a job,” said a nurse at Mobile Infirmary. – NBC 15

What’s in the new $484 billion coronavirus bill?
President Donald Trump today signed into law almost half-a-trillion dollars in additional relief to several sectors to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and its blow to the American economy. The $484 billion bill was approved by the House Thursday. Since the pandemic began, Congress has approved $2.7 trillion in aid to aid business, taxpayers and other sectors. –

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Spring Hill College weighs in on advantages of college close to home
High school seniors, impacted by COVID-19, may now face some difficult decisions about their college future for the fall 2020. At Spring Hill, we’re here to make this process as easy as possible. From waiving deposits to extending the traditional decision day deadline if needed, we are available to provide support, 24/7. – Medium

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