Take the September 2021 AlaBiz Quiz

Challenge yourself with these Alabama business-related puzzlers from the past.

Is coal the focal point for a new plant in Coosa County announced last month?

Alabiz Quiz - September 2021

1) SEPTEMBER 2021: State construction interests, distressed that young people weren’t intrigued with a construction career, developed a major campaign, now more than 10 years old, to attract young workers. What’s it called?(Required)
2) AUGUST 2021 (one month ago): Westwater Resources announced plans for a new plant in Coosa County to produce a key product that’s useful in batteries, including batteries for electric vehicles. What’s the product?(Required)
3) SEPTEMBER 2020 (one year ago): In midsummer, word came of a new “biggest” for Alabama, being built in Colbert County. What was it?(Required)
4) SEPTEMBER 2016 (five years ago): Alabama boasts two new museums, one recently opened in Mobile and one set to open next year in Decatur. Which two?(Required)
5) SEPTEMBER 2011 (10 years ago): Still smarting from the loss of potential industrial giant Airbus over a missed Air Force contract, Mobile city officials were delighted when a U.S.-based airline placed the largest aircraft order in history, including 260 Airbus jets, thereby placing the firm solidly in the U.S. commercial market. What airline?(Required)
6) SEPTEMBER 1996 25 years ago): Business Alabama reviewed the state’s public companies. What were the top two non-financials by assets?(Required)


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