Take the June 2021 AlaBiz Quiz

Challenge yourself with these Alabama business-related puzzlers from the past.

Greg and Iyishia Jones portrait
Greg and Iyishia Jones // Photo by Joe De Sciose

Alabiz Quiz - June 2021

1) JUNE 2021: Alabamian Samuel Zemurray made and lost and rebuilt a fortune in fruit. What fruit?(Required)
2) MAY 2021: Gregory and Iyishia Jones and Terri Reynolds have built a program to support African American entrepreneurs. What’s its catchy title?(Required)
3) JUNE 2020: An Alabama firm was picked as one of three to complete for design of NASA’s new human landing system. What firm?(Required)
4) JUNE 2016: Our June 2016 cover story featured Stephanie Bryan, the first woman to lead one of South Alabama’s most traditional organizations. What organization?(Required)
5) JUNE 2011: In the wake of Hurricanes Andrews, Ivan, Rita and Katrina, insurance companies canceled many homeowners’ policies along the Gulf Coast. Roughly, how many?(Required)
6) JUNE 1996: Five bank holding companies reigned in Alabama. Which held the most assets?(Required)

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