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Spotlight: Tallapoosa & Chambers counties

The quality of life created by Lake Martin makes Tallapoosa and Chambers counties ideal for residential life.

Spotlight on Tallapoosa & Chambers: Culture & Recreation

Natural wonders, museums, golf courses and more attract visitors to the area, including fireworks on Lake Martin.

Spotlight on Tallapoosa & Chambers: Community Development

Anchored by the developments around Lake Martin, Tallapoosa and Chambers counties continue to make improvements in downtowns, retail and more.

Spotlight on Tallapoosa & Chambers: Movers & Shapers

The individuals who help shape the communities of Tallapoosa and Chambers counties, including Richard Langford of Russell Lands.

Spotlight on Tallapoosa & Chambers: Economic Engines

Automotive suppliers, Russell Lands and the food and beverage industry are key to the economic vitality in these two counties.

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