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Robert Utsey

Robert Utsey retires from Alabama Farmers Federation

Robert Utsey recently retired from Alabama Farmers Federation after serving 34 years.

A native of Washington County, Utsey began his career in 1989 as a claims adjuster and most recently served as organization director for Federation Area 9, which has members-leaders in Butler, Clarke, Choctaw, Crenshaw, Marengo, Monroe, Washington and Wilcox counties.

His work varied but included recruiting young farmers, attending local board meetings, promoting commodities at events and campaigning for Alabama FarmPAC-endorsed candidates. His out-of-the-box thinking led to the creation of The Press Box, a sports radio show reaching thousands in rural Alabama.

“Robert cares about people,” said Jimmy Parnell, Federation and Alfa president. “That’s the main thing we ask field men to do.”

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Federation Organization Department Director Matthew Durdin says, “Robert loves his family, he loves his staff, and he loves this organization. What I will miss the most, though, was that whenever I called and asked for help, he said, ‘Yes.’ I’m a better man for knowing Robert Utsey.”

Utsey has a bachelor’s degree from Livingston University (now UWA) and a master’s in management from Faulkner University.

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