Primordial Ventures will put its production hub in Birmingham

Startup will produce medical supplies

Primordial Ventures will produce high-end medical supplies in Birmingham.

Primordial Ventures, a startup producing medical supplies, will put a $3.3 million manufacturing facility in Birmingham.

Alabama Commerce Secretary Ellen McNair said the minority-owned company will create 30 jobs at the facility, and is expected to begin operations in early 2024.

“Primordial Ventures will do more than just create new jobs at its Birmingham operation — this promising startup’s facility will also help to lessen our nation’s dependence on foreign sources for in-demand medical supplies,” McNair said. “The pandemic’s supply-chain disruptions exposed the need for domestic production of these critical items, and that’s a core mission for this company.”

Nicholas C. Alexander is president and managing director of Primordial Ventures, which will have markets including the U.S., Mexico, Chile and Colombia.

“Birmingham’s appeal stems from its alignment to our mission and vision,” Alexander said. “We have found it to be accessible, amenable to establishing network affiliations, and most importantly, committed to supporting our business after we land in Birmingham.”

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Primordial Ventures also considered locations in Florida and Georgia before choosing Birmingham for the manufacturing hub, according to the Department of Commerce.

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