Not Your Basic Starter Home

Might as well start a garage band if you're going to make a bid on this $17.9 million property in Shoal Creek. The gardens out front of the 55, 000-square-foot home are shaped like a guitar. 

Zillow on-line real estate firm quotes listing agent Pam Ausley saying, “The guitar was just a whimsical, great idea. You know he just thought it up; he didn't make a lot of it, but it's gotten a lot of attention.”

The house was built for Larry House, formerly CEO of MedPartners, with a price tag of some $26 million.

It includes 15 bedrooms, 22 baths, a 13-car garage, wine storage for 2, 000 bottles and more. Says Ausley, it's on the market because it's just too big for the House family, now that their kids are grown. 

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By Nedra Bloom

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