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$2 Billion Chump Change

News in May that J.P. Morgan dropped more than $2 billion in a derivatives trade made headlines, stirred Congressional committee hearings—Harrumph! Harrumph!—and was a really revolting development for the bank […]

Watching the Skies

His career-military father always hoped Bob Baron would become a doctor. But instead of attending medical school, Baron’s career journey led him to save lives in a different way — […]

Spotlight on Talladega, Calhoun, Clay & Cleburne Counties

These four counties in northeast  Alabama share much natural beauty—from birding trails to the Talladega National Forest. And with some of their major cities located on the interstate, they also […]

Alabama's Largest Commercial Insurance Agencies 2012

The largest commercial insurance agencies in Alabama, ranked on 2011 Policy Volume Written by Alabama offices. The information was obtained by company surveys. Click here to view and download the […]

Number Crunchers to the Rescue

Most every Alabama business has a relationship with an accounting firm — to balance the books, prepare taxes, draw up the year-end financials. Sometimes, however, the accountants play a much […]

Four-Star Strategies

As travelers continue to become savvier, the luxury hotel industry is continually working to please their discerning tastes. Alabama is home to eight four-diamond hotel properties, and each of them […]

Cross Section of an Alabama Mainstay

From church pews to utility poles to executive toys, Alabama’s wood and wood products industries are hanging on during a tough economy. It’s a natural for the state that ranks […]

Guitar Hero Swims with the Sharks

Travis Perry was living a comfortable life as owner of Wiregrass Realty. But an idea he had 32 years ago for a simplified guitar learning system resurfaced when he least […]

Genesis of a Medicine Man

Whatever path you might imagine as the starting point for a career working for pharmaceutical companies, trekking the world to find plants with medicinal potential, odds are you’ve guessed wrong. […]

Spotlight on Limestone, Morgan and Lawrence Counties

Limestone, Morgan and Lawrence counties in north Alabama are blessed with an abundance of natural resources and beauty, along with a quality of life expressed in community events and amenities that residents and […]

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