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The Looming Correction Blues

With bonds and cash barely showing a pulse when it comes to interest rates, investors may be timidly strolling back down Wall Street, trying to eke out returns on their […]

Health Care

Gadsden Regional Medical Center Gadsden Regional Medical Center, which will celebrate 50 years in its current location this fall, has 346 beds. With 1, 344 employees, it is among the top […]

Lee Aids Carnival Cruise Lines

Mike Lee remembers standing on the side of a Colorado ski slope when Carnival Cruise Lines called. It wasn’t the first time they had come to him for help. On […]

Caldwell and More Top Gene Scientists in Alabama

Ever since the human genome was unraveled in 2001, genetic science has exploded into a race to find new products and services. In Alabama, researchers are using worms, synthetic genes, […]

Serial Local Bank Builder

ServisFirst Bank President and CEO Tom Broughton seems nonchalant as he fields questions about goals and strategic planning. “We’ve never had goals … but we continue to grow, ” Broughton […]

A Company Thinks Money

OFFSHORE OIL AND GAS In 1978, Mobil Oil went on a bit of fishing expedition in the waters off of Alabama’s Gulf Coast. In the process, the company wound up […]

Branch Banks

Are branch banks becoming an endangered species? Soon to rest in peace with downtown movie theaters, record shops, video rental stores and gas stations where attendants fill your tank, wash […]

Refreshment Reformation

Located in Birmingham, Coca-Cola Bottling Company United is the third largest Coca-Cola bottler in North America and the largest privately held Coca-Cola bottler. United has grown steadily over the past […]

Give Us Your Earnest, Your Devout, Your High Achievers

Alabama may not have the draw of a Las Vegas or an Orlando, but conventions and other types of association meetings are big business to a handful of Alabama destinations […]

Insurance Agents about the Impact of Weather Events

Ask commercial insurance agents along Alabama’s Gulf Coast about the impact of catastrophic weather events, and you’ll hear repeated references to “before Katrina” and “after Katrina.” “Hurricane Ivan hit in […]

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