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Standout Projects: Polishing the Mobile Skyline

On October 17, 1965, the Mobile Press-Register ran a full page ad: “Towering to a skyline-splitting height of 424 feet above the sidewalk, the exterior of the new First National […]

Up from the Ducks—Crimson’s Gold

Eli Gold has been the “voice” of something for more than 40 years, from hockey teams to NASCAR races to his current long-standing role as the radio play-by-play announcer for […]

Leading the Alabama Publics League

Jeffry Rosenthal is CEO and president of Hibbett Sports Inc., one of the best performing companies on our annual ranking of Alabama publicly traded companies. Birmingham-based Hibbett, which owns and […]

Women on the Front Line

Just turn on the TV and there are the female lawyers in skimpy skirts and sky-high heels, more concerned with their messy personal lives than legal matters. In real life, […]

Martin Marietta's Mad Men Blitz Kiboshed

In the spring of 2010, Vulcan Materials Inc. CEO Don James was seriously studying the next big deal—a merger by the Birmingham-based company with its next largest competitor, Raleigh, N.C.-based […]

Top Dollar Jury Awards

1. Mannsfeld v. Ineos Americas LLC, et al Most people—on a good day—might be lucky to get a penny for their thoughts, but Sven-Peter Mannsfeld walked away from a Mobile […]

$2 Billion Chump Change

News in May that J.P. Morgan dropped more than $2 billion in a derivatives trade made headlines, stirred Congressional committee hearings—Harrumph! Harrumph!—and was a really revolting development for the bank […]

Watching the Skies

His career-military father always hoped Bob Baron would become a doctor. But instead of attending medical school, Baron’s career journey led him to save lives in a different way — […]

Spotlight on Talladega, Calhoun, Clay & Cleburne Counties

These four counties in northeast  Alabama share much natural beauty—from birding trails to the Talladega National Forest. And with some of their major cities located on the interstate, they also […]

Alabama's Largest Commercial Insurance Agencies 2012

The largest commercial insurance agencies in Alabama, ranked on 2011 Policy Volume Written by Alabama offices. The information was obtained by company surveys. Click here to view and download the […]

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