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Atherotech: Building Better Blood Tests For The Future

It’s a bit unsettling to know that the traditional cholesterol test used on patients most at risk for heart disease is inaccurate 60 percent of the time. But that shortcoming […]

Tutoring Company is Selling Solutions to Schools

Glenn Clayton was a college student in need of extra cash when he began tutoring. Before he knew it, he launched a full-fledged tutoring business. He recruited other students as […]

E-Textbook: Big Communications Way to Classroom Job Building

It’s downloadable on your smart phone, brightened with information pop-ups, enlivened with video and generally just not your granddad’s textbook: e-textbook. It’s the new e-textbook created by Big Communications on […]

Custom Engineering Solutions for Manufacturers

Back when they were students at the University of Alabama’s School of Engineering, Arnar Thors says he and Matt Fitzgerald often collaborated on class assignments and even built race cars […]

Vulcan Materials: Hard Rock Mining Easing Up

Tom Hill, in July, was named president and CEO of Vulcan Materials Inc., the second largest nonbank public company in Alabama, with revenues of $2.628 billion in 2013. Vulcan is […]

Biofuel: The Farmer’s Alchemist To Stop Waste of Biomass

There’s oil in them there … corn cobs? A Tuscaloosa-based company certainly thinks so. Inventure Renewables has created a process to take basic waste biomass, such as agriculture residue and […]

MMI Outdoor: Battle Tested Camp Gear

From father-and-son nights camping under the stars to winning supply contracts for military tents has taken several decades, but it’s been a successful journey for Montgomery-based MMI Outdoor. Working with […]

Clean Power Plan: EPA Cracks Down on Coal

Representatives of coal-fired utilities and politicians in Alabama have been crying foul since the Environmental Protection Agency unveiled its first-ever proposal to reduce carbon emissions at existing power plants. In […]

Alabama Aerospace Suppler Base: The Nuts and Bolts of High Flying

When the conversation turns to Alabama’s long involvement in the world-changing aerospace industry, big final assembly manufacturers like Boeing, Lockheed, Airbus and the U.S. military are likely to come to […]

Talladega Updates to Stadium Tailored to a Fast Changing Market

After more than a decade of rapid growth, NASCAR is no longer living life in the fast lane. Since 2005, attendance has dropped approximately 25 percent for Sprint Cup racing, […]

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