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Great Eats with a Soulful Side

Callaghan’s Americana Hundreds of faces smile toward the center of the room at Callaghan’s Irish Social Club in Mobile. Men, still young and puckish within these frames, gesture in the surrounding […]

Energen Corp.’s Third Act Gushes

When James McManus took over as the CEO of Energen Corp. in 2007, the company was on the brink of a transformation. Up until the early 1990s, Energen had consisted […]

Headlines Review of 2013

JANUARY 2013 Philly Fed predicts economic gains Transocean agrees to $1.4 billion payout BP agrees to $4 billion criminal fine Russell Brands announces layoffs ArcelorMittal enters bidding for ThyssenKrupp plans […]

Hospitals are Selling the Best in Medicine

It’s hard to predict what’s going to happen next as the economy continues its snail’s pace recovery. But one thing is certain — industries are all facing an increasingly competitive […]

Affordable Care Act Insights

We turn this month to two experts for insights on the Affordable Care Act and Alabama’s policy decisions regarding the Act. Dr. Don Williamson is the state health officer and […]

Shops and Retail

Once upon a time, when Alabamians wanted to make a purchase, their only option was to peruse the wares at local shops and decide which item to buy. If an […]

Doctor Visits and Affordable Healthcare

There have been ups and downs during his long health care career, but Dr. Bruce Irwin is exactly where he wants to be right now. Irwin, 63, is the founder […]

Busby Builds his Company

If Jim Busby were to write a book, it might be called “How to tinker your way onto the New York Stock Exchange.” While the tale of how Busby started […]

Ah-oo-gah and Other Alabama Greats

Robert Van de Graaff demonstrates a 1.5 million-volt electrostatic generator at an alumni dinner in a ballroom at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1933. Robert Jemison Van de Graaff A […]

Long Fixes her Problem

Drew Ann Long saw a problem and fixed it. The Alabaster mom was frustrated when her trips to the store included an entourage of helpers and gear for her special […]

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