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Lacey Bacchus

BHATE Geosciences Welcomes Lacey Bacchus as Director of Marketing

With goals to expand further across Alabama, Florida and Mississippi, BHATE Geosciences has hired Lacey Bacchus as Director of Marketing.

Lacey Bacchus previously worked as Director of Marketing for Southern Veterinary Partners and BMSS, LLC CPA firm. With 20 years of marketing, business development and client relations experience in Alabama, Lacey will guide BHATE’s strategic growth plans and increase the company’s visibility through public relations, social media, industry networking and enhancing BHATE’s reputation as a thought leader for providing cost-effective engineering solutions.

BHATE Geosciences Corporation (BHATE) provides geotechnical, construction materials testing and environmental engineering applications with quality, service, excellence and safety. BHATE operates from our headquarters in Birmingham with offices throughout Alabama, Florida and Mississippi.

BHATE Geosciences
Birmingham, Alabama

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