Krystal unveils new prototype in Alabama

Fast-food restaurant building features smaller, sleeker design

Krystal will be opening its newest store Tuesday in Center Point, and it will be a new design, smaller and sleeker than typical Krystal locations.

The new location is a 1,700-foot drive-thru location, compared to a traditional 2,700-square-foot Krystal restaurant.

“This prototype signals a new day for Krystal,” said Thomas Stager, president of Atlanta-based Krystal Restaurants. “We strategically sought more cost-efficient opportunities to generate a strong sales-to-investment outcome, as well as a design to fast track franchise development.”

As part of its grand opening, the first 200 guests in line will receive free Krystals for a week. Krystal is known for its slider-type burgers.

The chain has nearly 300 restaurants in 10 states.

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