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Kappler’s latest PPE garment innovation provides much-needed advancement for chemical plus flash-fire protection

Kappler introduces its new multi-hazard safety apparel, Zytron® 300 FR

Kappler, the Alabama-based protective clothing innovator and manufacturer, has introduced a critical new solution for industrial workers exposed to both chemical and flash-fire hazards.

The new multi-hazard safety apparel, Zytron® 300 FR, is the first to combine extensive chemical hold out with secondary flame-resistant (FR) protection in an economical garment.

“Zytron® 300 FR was developed to address increased OSHA scrutiny related to FR chemical protection,” said Kappler President and CEO Laura Kappler-Roberts. “Until now, workers exposed to flash-fire hazards had to choose between limited chemical protection or extremely expensive primary FR garments. Zytron® 300 FR solves this dilemma with a proven, budget-conscious solution.”

Tested against 200-plus chemicals, Zytron® 300 FR offers four times the chemical testing of suits typically used where chemical and flash fire hazards are present. In the event of a flash-fire, the chemical-protective outer layer won’t melt, drip or burn, thus maintaining the integrity of the NFPA 2112 primary FR workwear worn beneath.

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In addition to extensive chemical testing, Zytron® 300 FR is also proven with demanding ASTM F1930 Pyroman Thermal Mannikin testing for flash-fire exposure.

Zytron® 300 FR is available in coverall, jacket, 3-piece ensemble, and apron styles to meet a wide range of hazardous applications. Zytron® 300 FR must be worn over NFPA 2112 workwear. For more information, visit or call 800-600-4019.


Based in Guntersville, Alabama, Kappler Inc. is a leader in developing and manufacturing protective apparel and fabrics for chemical, biological and thermal hazards. It serves military, law enforcement, hazmat, industrial, emergency response and healthcare markets worldwide. Kappler is registered to ISO 9001. For more information, visit or call 800-600-4019.

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