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Huntsville business leaders launch mental health resource to support Alabama teachers

Recharge is scheduled to launch May 2nd in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week

Recharge, a free online mental health resource for teachers, is scheduled to launch May 2nd in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week. Recharge is an initiative that stemmed from Leadership Greater Huntsville’s L-35 Flagship Class and is designed to provide teachers and staff with tailored content that benefits their mental health and overall wellness. The website, developed in collaboration with local area mental health service providers, hosts an array of engaging videos, informative articles and locally curated content that helps educators maneuver through life’s challenges.

Accustomed to working under substantial pressure, teachers are familiar with the stress of excessive workloads, limited resources and a lack of recognition. However, educators have faced unprecedented challenges over the past two years. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers were subjected to alter their practices and conform to a remote teaching environment.

“The COVID pandemic has uprooted teachers’ lives, burdened them with new responsibilities and harmed their morale.” said Karen Petersen, director of development, WellStone. “Teachers are reporting higher levels of stress and anxiety during the pandemic, leaving them at a higher risk for long-term physical and mental health complications.”

Leadership Greater Huntsville’s Flagship Class, L-35, recognized an opportunity to express appreciation to local area teachers and created a program dedicated to promoting self-care, prioritizing mental health and improving overall wellness. To execute this vision, they teamed with WellStone, North Alabama’s most extensive behavioral healthcare provider, and locally-owned Solid Ground Counseling, who specializes in family behavioral health.

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Teachers are responsible for educating the next generation; therefore, their self care should be a priority. Rachel Sullivan, owner of Solid Ground Counseling Center, is dedicated to debunking myths about self-care and promoting proactive practices to preserve mental health.

“Taking care of yourself is not selfish. The saying ‘you cannot pour from an empty cup’ is so true. Creating healthy habits of tending to our needs is a vital aspect of optimal functioning, especially for teachers who have a tendency to always put others first,” said Sullivan.

More information about Recharge can be found at

About Leadership Greater Huntsville:
Leadership Greater Huntsville (LGH) is a tax exempt, charitable nonprofit whose mission is to identify, educate, inspire and connect leaders to serve the communities of Huntsville, Madison and Madison County, and the surrounding regions of Alabama.

The annual Flagship program, which spans 10-months, is designed for established senior leaders who have demonstrated leadership experience and proven success over significant business operations. Flagship provides in-depth knowledge of our community and facilitates small group projects that give back.


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