Historic Allison family property in Hueytown for sale

Compound was once home to racers Bobby, Davey and Clifford


Bonnie Allison, daughter of legendary NASCAR driver Bobby Allison, is selling the property in Hueytown where the Allison family lived from 1969 until the early 2000s, and where Bonnie still resides today.

The five-acre, two-home property at 140 Church Ave. in Hueytown is where Bobby Allison and his late wife, Judy, raised their four children, including Bonnie, Carrie, NASCAR driver Davey and ARCA driver Clifford. The property includes a two-acre pond and two two-story garages, from where Davey once ran his Busch Grand National racing team.

“I am retiring and need to downsize,” says Bonnie, who owns the property now. “My kids are all grown and moved out.”

The Hueytown compound was Bobby Allison’s home base during most of his racing career, which included three Daytona 500 wins and, in 1983, a Winston Cup championship. He was also living there in times of tragedy, including Clifford’s death in 1992 in a practice run for a Busch Series race and Davey’s death in a helicopter crash the following year.

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Bobby Allison is 85 and living in Charlotte, where he moved after leaving Hueytown. Judy Allison died in 2015.

Bonnie will remain in Birmingham, but she says it’s time to sell the Hueytown property.

“I would love to see it provide a nice home to another family and hope they will appreciate the history that is attached to it,” she says.

The property, with a listing price of $697,700, includes five bedrooms and four-and-a-half baths. The garages also contain bathrooms. For more information, see the listing here.

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