Faulkner University unveils Regitar USA esports arena

The arena has three areas for training, official matches and a spectator theater

(From left) Faulkner University President Mitch Henry with Regitar USA Inc. President and CEO Y.T. Tsai and his wife, Chau Tsai, and their son Henry Tsai; and Vice President of Advancement John Tyson.

Faulkner University has unveiled the Regitar USA High Res Arena for esports.

Located on the second floor of the Freeman-Harrison Student Multiplex, the arena is sponsored by Y.T. Tsai, president and CEO of Regitar USA Inc.; Faulkner alumnus Kevin Arvin; Harry Slaughter and Hank Appleton of E-Footprints Partners and Scott Champagne with AVI Systems.

“Esports is gaining traction and popularity, not just across this country, but in the whole world. And to be able to have this new arena in Montgomery is a testament to the leadership and forward thinking this university has and we are just happy to be a part of this,” said Tsai. Regitar USA is a manufacture and distributor of charging system components, ignition system components and other automotive components in Montgomery. 

Located on the university’s campus in Montgomery, the arena is broken into three sections. In the training area there are 12 individual gaming stations, a commentator booth and a communal gaming area. In the official arena area there are six gaming stations with the ability to be recorded and broadcast. The final area is a theater for spectators to watch a livestream of each esports match.

Students with Faulkner’s varsity esports team give a demonstration during the arena’s grand opening.

Faulkner’s esports team consists of more than 30 students and is part of the National Association of Colligate eSports (NACE). Students will have two seasons per year — one in the fall and a second in the spring. Faulkner’s esports varsity team will have three to six players at a time for a match, organized by head coach Caleb Colquitt.

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“This facility has a lot of high-tech computers and video game consoles and TVs and that’s great, but at the end of the day what we have created is a home for our students,” said Colquitt. “I’ve already seen it happen in the couple of weeks since school has started. Students come down here after class to hang out, enjoy one another, even when they didn’t have practice and even with those who are not a part of the esports team, but they come here to congregate and to bond over their love for video games.”

Much of the equipment and design were made possible by Arvin and Slaughter, including gaming chairs, special lighting and production equipment. E-Footprints Partners assisted Faulkner with the campus’ broadband internet capabilities and technology upgrades.

“E-Footprints Partners has assisted clients in higher ed with state-of-the-art projects and engagements that position them to ‘differentiate’ themselves from their competition with unique branding and revenue-generating opportunities, like esports programs,” said Arvin. “As alumni and committed supporters of Faulkner, the decision to help our alma mater create an esports program was something our team was eager and well positioned to do.”

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