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CX-50 unveiled at Mazda dealership in Huntsville

Hiley Mazda of Huntsville first local dealership to receive a Mazda CX-50

The Mazda CX-50 graces the showroom floor at Hiley Mazda of Huntsville. Photo by Stephanie E. Jennings Photography.

Hiley Mazda of Huntsville was the first local dealership to receive a Mazda CX-50 from Mazda Toyota Manufacturing.

Dealership personnel; Mazda Toyota Manufacturing USA officials, including President Masashi Aihara; Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle; and others were on hand for the reveal.

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing USA President Masashi Aihara (left) and Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle were on hand for the reveal. Photo by Stephanie E. Jennings Photography.

The vehicle, which is currently in production at the MTM plant in Huntsville, is an SUV aimed at outdoor enthusiasts. The CX-50 offers three driving modes, standard all-wheel drive and is available in a turbo model, as well. According to Mariah Carey, Hiley Mazda marketing director, the vehicle has a starting price of $26,800+ and has a gas mileage of 24-30 MPG.

Hiley Mazda of Huntsville General Manager Michael Ponter told those in attendance that this first model will stay on the showroom floor until more models arrive. He expects models to continue to arrive throughout the summer.

MTM expects to produce approximately 150,000 of the Mazda CX-50 per year when production is at full capacity. According to Mazda Toyota Manufacturing USA Vice President of Production Janette Hostettler, the plant is currently at 3,100 employees and more team members are needed. The plant expects 4,000 employees when it is in full production.

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Hiley Mazda of Huntsville

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