Celebrating Diversity – Alabama Profiles 2017

Frank Williams

GM/Managing Partner of Landers McLarty Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Subaru, Fiat and Alfa Romeo

After completing his academic endeavors, Frank Williams joined the United States Army to serve his country. Following Williams’ military career, he took a sales position at a car dealership and, after 3 years of outstanding sales volume, was promoted to manager. Throughout 28 years of experience, he has always exceeded expectations Williams’ dealerships are ranked in the top dealerships in the country and have been awarded the 2017 Dealer Rater of the Year Award, Customer First Award of Excellence, and Stellar Care Award. Frank Williams’ philosophy is to support the community through partnerships, sponsorships, and community involvement. His core values are integrity, transparency, and credibility.  

Frank Williams Dealerships strive to reflect the diversity within the community via our workforce. The automotive industry has, historically, been controlled by a predominately male workforce. We actively seek to break that mold and pursue the best candidate for each job. Our employees are encouraged to communicate and grow with our organization. This, coupled with enrichment from the community, leads to the singular goal of Frank Williams Dealerships: Providing superior customer service. 

Landers Mclarty Dodge Chrysler Jeep // 6533 University Dr. Huntsville, AL 35806 // 256.830.6450
Landers Mclarty Subaru // 5790 University Dr. Huntsville, AL 35806 // 256.382.2425

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Freda Bacon & Jean Lorino

​Freda Bacon, Administrator of the Fund
Jean Lorino, Chief Financial Officer

Companies rely on their workforce to make them successful, and for almost 40 years companies in Alabama have relied on the Alabama Self-Insured Worker’s Compensation Fund to provide a foundation on which to build that success.

Freda Bacon, administrator of the Fund and Jean Lorino, chief financial officer, have managed the operation of this successful provider of worker’s compensation for over 30 years. 

The key to the Fund’s success has been its customer service. Starting out with only three employees, Jean and Freda have maintained the priority of a team approach. “We grew as the Fund grew, ” says Bacon. “Many of our employees have been here for over 20 years and have played an important part in the success of the operation.”

“As technology has developed and grown, we have adapted and improved our operations to deal with that growth, ” says Lorino. 

They both stated, “There are very few self-insured group funds in the country that are managed by women, and we realized very early that standards for our company operations needed to always be at a higher level of both integrity and vision.  It has been an honor to serve Alabama’s business community for all these years.”

Alabama Self-Insured Worker’s Compensation Fund // (205) 868-6900 // asiwcf.org

Miranda Bouldin Frost

President/CEO, LogiCore

LogiCore is “readiness accelerated!”  Since 2002, LogiCore has provided innovative logistics and engineering services to the Department of Defense by developing, delivering, maintaining and training tactical weapon systems and those that use them to protect the people and the interests of the United States of America.

LogiCore is entrusted with an important mission and embracing diversity in our workforce is key to our success. Diversity means the inclusion of everyone, which includes our visible differences such as gender, race and ethnicity and visible disabilities, as well as our invisible differences such as sexual orientation, religion, social class, heritage and different perspectives. We welcome everyone with the talent, desire and determination to support us, believing we can accomplish more together. We shy away from the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality because it silences ideas and inhibits progress. We encourage open communication and bridge cultural barriers via functions that allow us to understand our differences and contributions and to celebrate workplace experiences.

By actively embracing our equal employment opportunity and affirmative action initiatives, LogiCore continues as a leader in government contracting and was nominated as a top contender as one of Alabama’s 2017 Best Places to Work. LogiCore’s workforce is diverse across multiple states and socio-economic areas. From Arizona to Alabama, our workforce is as diverse as the areas in which we serve. By adhering to our core values of integrity, teamwork, selfless service, competence, loyalty, excellence, accountability and responsiveness, LogiCore is diversified and “Readiness Accelerated!” 

LogiCore Corporation // 345 Voyager Way, Huntsville, AL 35806 // 256.533.5789 // logicorehsv.com

Rolin Construction

Shawn Rolin + Stephanie Rolin
​Native American Owned and Operated

Rolin Construction was founded on Southern values and honesty, striving to build long-term partnerships based on integrity and merit. The company takes pride in the owner’s Native American heritage and have a well-established reputation for safety, honesty, integrity and a highly skilled construction team. Those factors have helped Rolin build a strong record while tackling some of the Gulf Coast region’s larger projects. Completed in early 2016, The Wind Creek B.B. King Club Hotel and Casino, a $49 million project in Montgomery, for instance, displays 65, 000 square feet of gaming space modeled after Memphis’ famous Beale Street. Rolin currently has several projects under construction including a Townplace Suites Marriot ($16 million), Child Youth and Development Center ($15 million), a major renovation for the Environmental Protection Agency ($7 million) — all showcasing a fierce commitment to detail and quality for a diverse array of clients.

Established in 2005, Rolin’s vision was to become one of the premiere contractors along the Gulf Coast, setting a benchmark for other construction organizations; offering quality, cost-effective construction services, impressing customers every time, adapting easily, and providing supervisory oversight in a transparent environment. Our hand-selected team is the foundation of this vision. Rolin’s construction professionals have a sense of teamwork and value each other’s experience and input — they focus on lessons learned and not repeating mistakes. We believe deeply in investing in our employees, and this philosophy has returned large dividends in our staffs’ dedication and cost control for our clients, said Vice President Stephanie Rolin. “To do this, while constructing over $30 million in construction projects annually through the committed devotion of our employees, is extremely satisfying … We truly believe in giving back to our employees, the communities we build in and our tribe.”

Rolin Construction // p: 251-368-0072 // f:  251-368-0073 // rolinbuilds.com

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