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Auburn University lands its largest-ever research contract

A $50 million contract with the U.S. Army is the largest research contract in Auburn University’s history

Mac Caddell named CEO of Caddell Construction

Mac Caddell has been named chief executive officer of Caddell Construction

Spotlight: Lee, Russell & Macon Counties

These three east-central Alabama counties offer a variety of industries to work in and communities with amenities to live in.

Spotlight on Lee, Russell & Macon: Economic Engines

Automotive, education, agriculture, retail and tourism anchor these three counties' economies.

Spotlight on Lee, Russell & Macon: Health Care

Four medical facilities serve residents and visitors of these three east-central Alabama counties.

Spotlight on Lee, Russell & Macon: Movers & Shapers

The individuals who help shape the communities in Lee, Russell and Macon counties, including Jared Clay, of the Tuskegee Area Chamber of Commerce.

Spotlight on Lee, Russell and Macon: Higher Education

Five institutions of higher learning provide certificate and degree options for area residents, including Auburn University.

Spotlight on Lee, Russell & Macon: Culture & Recreation

Outdoor attractions, museums and historic places attract visitors to the area.

Spotlight on Lee, Russell & Macon: Community Development

Lee, Russell and Macon counties are developing schools, retail, downtown areas and more.

Germany’s Miele will open first U.S. plant in Opelika

Germany’s Miele, which manufactures appliances, will open its first U.S. production facility in Opelika

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