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Cassandra King

Cassandra King wins second place in YWomen Start It Up Pitch Competition

Cassandra King, known as Comedienne Joy

Cassandra King, also known as Comedienne Joy, won the second place prize of $7,000 in the YWomen Start It Up Pitch Competition, hosted by the YMCA Central Alabama with prizes provided by Coca-Cola Foundation.

The owner of Eat. Drink. Ride Foot Tours was one of six entrepreneurs chosen across the national YWCA association network to participate in the competition.

“I would tell any woman entrepreneur to hop on any opportunity that will help your business,” King said. “If you say, ‘I won’t win anyway’ and don’t apply, then you’ve already lost.”

King has two buses and staff to fund in her work to entertain while introducing the masses to local cuisine. The COVID-19 pandemic really hurt her business. As such, she is now working through the YWCA Central Alabama’s WE360 program to build her brand and business.

In addition to King, Rhona Vega of ParentMatterz took home the first place prize of $10,000. Other winners at the $2,000 prize level were Shanequa Gray of PrettyGirlFitness, Lisa Freeman-Williamson of WTF? Weigh the Facts, Dianne Thomas of Ankhacia Enterprises LLC and Shelisa McNeal-Burgess of Fria LLC.

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