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Carlos Herrera

Capital One welcomes middle market banker Carlos Herrera to Southeast Louisiana team, serving Alabama and Mississippi, as well.

Carlos Herrera brings 25 years of commercial banking experience to Capital One’s Regional Commercial Bank focusing on middle market businesses located throughout Southeast Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. As senior relationship manager, Herrera will manage and oversee Capital One’s maritime client base, which supports activities in the Mississippi River delta and Gulf of Mexico. Herrera will also concentrate on new business development of general industrial businesses, food & beverage, regional grocery retailers and auto dealerships.

As a trusted advisor to CEOs and CFOs, Herrera is committed to strategically growing your business through treasury management innovation and various financing solutions throughout your business’s capitalization structure.

Capital One is a Top 10 U.S. bank with the strength, stability and technology to meet the needs of your business. Capital One’s Commercial Banking group services a $65 billion loan portfolio and more than 6,000 clients.

Capital One
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