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Brandon Matthews

Brandon Matthews brings meaning back to the marketplace

Brandon Matthews is passionate about bringing meaning back to the marketplace. He says, “Customers feel this lack of passion and purpose as the current market has experienced a 57% decline in customer satisfaction. Business leaders and owners also feel it as 77% of employees currently hate their job.”

Matthews believes the marketplace is badly broken, but isn’t beyond repair. He is working with businesses to help enhance customer service, company culture, team health and more.

With 20 years experience in corporate communications, professional and spiritual development, Brandon is a sought after speaker and professional trainer. He’s spoken to thousands of audiences and frequently speaks on leadership, communication, customer service, mental health, and more. His insight comes from starting, leading, and coaching various organizations, teams, non-profits, and businesses for over 20 years. His experience includes leading customer service teams for Apple Inc., and training other organizations just like yours.

Jeffrey Hunter, founder and CEO of Birmingham-based Storyteller Overland, says, “Brandon Matthews is the rare thought leader who truly understands the importance of both the big picture (vision) as well as the significance of each individual brush stroke (strategy). His passion for building people to unleash the full potential of an organization is contagious, and his practical insights for the day-to-day disciplines of excellence will revolutionize the way you add value to your customer’s lives. Whether you and your team are seeking to better define your core values or authentically engage your target audience, you will benefit immensely from Brandon Matthews’ incisive communication principals and effective training style.”

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Matthews says, “Business is not really about the product or the profit, it’s about the people. After all, people make the product. People sell the product. People buy the product. People produce the profit. Without the people, nothing works. Invest in your organization by investing in your people.” He would love to hear from you if you want to bring meaning back to your corner of the marketplace.

Brandon Matthews
Birmingham, Alabama

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