Boatright to Double Crosstie Production

Boatright Companies, based in Inverness, is building a new railroad crosstie plant in Chilton County, a $55 million investment that’s expected to employ 100 workers by the end of 2013. The new plant is located on the CSX line and will allow Boatright to double its production volume, adding 2 million ties to the 2 million produced annually at Boatright’s Montevallo plant.

Boatright is made up of eight companies, all providing goods and services to the rail industry.

Founder Shane Boatright built his companies to meet the needs he saw first hand while pulling weeds along railroad rights of way to fund his studies at the University of Alabama.

“I enjoy working with railroads, ” he told Business Alabama in a 2010 interview.

By Nedra Bloom

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