Beaches Help Alabama Weather Covid-19 Storm, New Music Venue Coming to Birmingham’s Parkside

Beaches help Alabama weather COVID-19 storm
Alabama ranked among the top 5 of states when it came to the smallest percentage drops for travel expenditures during the pandemic, according to the Alabama Department of Tourism. Tourism dollars dropped 20% compared to the previous year, far below the 42% national average. The state was buoyed by Baldwin County and the coastal beaches. – Alabama Tourism Department

New music venue coming to Birmingham’s Parkside
A new country music venue – which will also include restaurant, bar and event space – is coming to Birmingham’s Parkside. The team behind the two-story, 30,000-square-foot venture, which will be located in the American Laundry Co. building, includes O’Neal Industries, architect and general contractor Mike Gibson and Geoff Golden of Creature, chef Chris Hastings and music design consultant Michael Panepento.  – Bham Now

Birmingham investors buy new Gulf Shores apartment complex
A Birmingham investment firm has paid $15 million for the new Mirabella apartment complex in Gulf Shores, according to Bellator Real Estate & Investment, who represented the buyers. The 96-unit complex opened three weeks ago.  –

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