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Mine Workers Sue for $933 Million, Claim Defendant and Walter Energy “Under Common Control”

Trustees of the United Mine Workers of America pension plan sued, on August 6, a Bahamian insurance company with alleged ties to bankrupt Walter...

High Fashion Homecoming at the CoHo

Lux handbag designer Beth Purpich shows her stuff at her alma mater.

Contract to Test Survivability of the U.S. Against Nukes

Lockheed Martin's Huntsville offices will be the place for testing the survivability of U.S. defenses against nuclear attack, in accordance with a $240 million...

An Entrepreneur’s Bright Summer

Benchmarks at health IT startup Therapy Brands

Swank Movie Chain Balks RSA Loan, Files Bankruptcy

Luxury movie theater chain IPIC Entertainment filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on August 5, with the Retirement Systems of Alabama owning 39.2 percent of...

Feds Invest in Landmark Mobile Bridge Project

Local and visiting commuters to Mobile received welcome news on July 25 when the U.S. Department of Transportation announced a $125 million grant to the city through the Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) program.

46 Years of Alabama Growth — the Alabama Public Pension Fund

The Retirement Systems of Alabama has grown substantially and contributed significantly to Alabama’s economic expansion over the last 46 years by developing assets in...

Should Irrigation-Fed Farming Increase in the Deep South?

Only about 4 percent of farmland is irrigated in Alabama, but the state is also the fourth wettest in the nation.

A Month’s Worth of Defense Contracts in Alabama

Defense contracts awarded from June 19 to July 19 to Alabama companies and to non-Alabama companies for work to be performed in Alabama.

How Advertising Works Now: Insights from Big’s New President

What companies should be shopping for in the current digital marketplace

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