Auburn’s SiO2 Wins Vaccine Vial, Syringe Contracts from Canadian Government

Auburn-based SiO2 Materials Science has signed a pair of contracts with the Canadian government to supply some 80 million vials and syringes for distributing a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as one is available. Vials and syringes will be delivered starting in October.

“The Canadian government has signed two contracts with SiO2 for syringes and vials for use in filling vaccines,” said Anita Anand, minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada. “The vials we are receiving from SiO2 are anticipated to provide filling for up to 80 million doses. These contracts will prove essential for efficiently distributing and administering a vaccine when the time comes.”

“The hybrid vials and syringes are a fusion of a plastic polymer exterior shell with a glass-like barrier coating on the inside,” the company explained. “Both vials and syringes have been tested in cold temperature storage situations and are compatible down to -80 degrees Celsius.”

The vials and syringes will be filled in Canada.

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“SiO2 is honored to be part of the COVID-19 response for Canada,” said Lawrence Ganti, president and chief business officer of SiO2. “We understand the urgency and importance of this effort. The unique qualities of SiO2’s technology are well-placed to meet the demands of sensitive COVID-19 vaccines. ”

SiO2 is a privately-held firm that has been managed by the same family for more than 100 years.

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