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Arcarithm Enters Edge Computing Market With AI-Based Exigent®-GR For Autonomous Gun Recognition

Huntsville, AL — Arcarithm is introducing its Artificial Intelligence-based Edge Computing Gun Detection Camera in order to minimize the time it takes to identify a person with a gun, and implement immediate action to secure the building, as well as send mass notifications to security resources.

Known as Exigent®-GR, the AI-based Gun Detection Edge Computer was originally developed to detect both drones and guns. It is based on the concept that a larger operational space allows more reaction time.

Exigent-GR combines state-of-the-art camera technology with sophisticated computer vision in a single robust device that autonomously scans and processes images to identity threats. Exigent-GR can work standalone or with multiple Exigent-GR cameras meshed together working to detect, identify, alert, track and stop active shooters before a shot is fired and before the shooter enters the building.

“Detecting and responding to an active shooter is critical to saving lives. Exigent-GR incorporates powerful artificial intelligence at the camera source to provide a faster response,” said Arcarithm President/CEO Randy Riley.

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Current security camera systems require a human to identify gun threats. Even dedicated security professionals using the best camera system cannot provide 100 percent real-time observation. An effective, pro-active solution is needed to identify guns before they enter the building and shots are fired. Exigent-GR offers that solution with the capability to:

Detect — Autonomously detects people with guns as early as possible, before shots are fired.

Identify — Instantly analyzes imagery using AI algorithms to determine type of gun (long gun vs. pistol).

Alert — Automatically notifies security officials via text message or email showing person with the gun, their location and type of gun.

Track — Follow the suspect’s location in real-time, even if the gun has been discarded.

Stop — If a gun is detected a signal can be sent to lock a door with electronic locks or magnetic locks. If an electronic or magnetic lock is not available, a pin can be released to drop into a pre-drilled hole that would place a barrier to opening the door.


Arcarithm is a proven leader in Artificial Intelligence-based solutions for commercial and defense markets. Founded in 2012, Arcarithm proprietary machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning and expert systems solutions range from individual products to turnkey platforms. Arcarithm has successfully used AI to automatically detect manned and unmanned aircraft, guns, tanks, people, automobiles and military vehicles. Learn more at

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