Politics and Law

How to Protect and Mine Your IP

Intellectual property is a growing and increasingly important realm in the business world — but exactly what is intellectual property? A short answer...

BP’s “Well from Hell” and a Very Big Class Action

April 20 is the fifth anniversary of the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, which began spewing over 200 million gallons of BP...

What Builders Want from the Legislature

Members of two Alabama construction trade associations say they will be looking to the state Legislature this spring to give their industry an economic...

Counsel to the Contestant

The past three winners of the Miss America Pageant have at least two things in common. They were all from New York and they...

McUsury Land

The U.S. economy is recovering and unemployment is at its lowest since the Great Recession. But such declarations give little comfort to the many...

Long Road to Tax Fairness

On the surface, not much has changed in Suite 301 of the Business Center of Alabama building in Montgomery. The office is in...

State of the Uninsured

When President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law in 2010 — to provide health care coverage to uninsured Americans and expand...

Your Company on the Line

Late on an October afternoon in 2007, a car headed east on Highway 84 in Clarke County crossed the center line and...

Good to Know

From employee discrimination issues to the business of medicine, from legal ramifications of the ubiquitous email to regulations on one of the...

Riding Herd on the Senate

Breaking up a fight was not in the job description, but Secretary of the Senate Patrick Harris takes seriously his role as...

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Market Volatility: Weighing the Wide Swings

Why what happened in 2018 is not out of the ordinary. Why not to overreact.

Spotlight on Montgomery County

Montgomery County, in central Alabama, is part of the state’s River Region and is home to the state’s capital city, Montgomery.

Airbus Breaks Ground on New Assembly Line in Mobile

When the new Airbus A220 line gears up, Mobile will be the fourth largest producer of commercial aircraft in the world.

Birmingham Scrutinizes its Workforce

Birmingham put the numbers to its job market and found a lot of work to be done. For one, its IT segment grew 77 percent in five years, creating a job gap that will grow over the next decade.

Winning the Plant, Finding the Workforce

Alabama auto industry ramps up workforce development efforts in advance of the new Mazda Toyota plant.