Top Headlines: How Will the Trade War Affect Alabama?

State’s business leaders bemoan trade war uncertainty
Alabama steel producers appear to be winners so far in the Trump administration’s trade fights, and the state’s farmers and automakers worry they’ll be among the hardest hit. On Monday, representatives of all three sectors sat at the same table to share their perspectives. “I will candidly say that I’m troubled by what I perceive to be the growing trade war,” said U.S. Sen. Doug Jones, who convened a field roundtable of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs in Mobile to discuss the impacts of tariffs and trade policy. –

Gas prices lower for holiday driving weekend
With increasing holiday traffic and decreasing gas prices, police are urging drivers to be cautious while traveling the roads. Gas prices across Alabama are averaging $2.35 per gallon. With families going to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends, police departments have a busy week ahead. – ANN

Restaurant chain reworks culture after Besh revelations
Since the #MeToo movement began, myriad business leaders — from media and tech to finance — have resigned amid allegations of sexual harassment, leaving bad morale and problem workplace cultures in their wake. That happened to the Besh Restaurant Group a year ago, after the New Orleans Times-Picayune published a shattering expose about its founding owner, John Besh. It detailed allegations made by 25 female employees describing a harrowing workplace in which Besh belittled and fondled workers, or tried to coerce them to have sex. – NPR

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Honda teases more details on Alabama’s Passport
It will be another week before we get a look at the new Honda Passport. Honda announced last week it will be bringing back the SUV, and it will be built in Honda’s Lincoln factory. The Passport will debut next week at the Los Angeles Auto Show on Nov. 27 and was designed specifically for the American market. –

Alabama enforcers lead charge against cryptocurrency fraud
“Of the states, I think we’ve got about 20 percent of all the active cease-and-desists.”

That’s Greg Bordenkircher, chief litigator at the Alabama Securities Commission, describing the extent to which his state, just the 24th largest by population, has nonetheless come to play a leading role in the ongoing fight against U.S. crypto fraud. “We’ve issued nine orders shutting down businesses that are advertising in Alabama. We have another 20, 22 that we are looking at right now.” – CoinDesk

Bama wins good-hearted pre-Iron Bowl food drive
It’s Thanksgiving week across the country, but in Alabama it’s all about the Iron Bowl. Students at both the University of Alabama and Auburn University have already been competing — for a good cause. They spent a month and a half collecting nonperishable food items for needy families in Alabama. UA students came out on top with a final total of 309,194 pounds of food. Auburn students managed to collect 255,196 pounds. – APR

Gas tax for Shoals RSA development to roll off
It’s one of the biggest community funded projects to take place in the Shoals in recent history. By the end of November, taxpayers in Colbert and Lauderdale county’s will have paid off the debt surrounding it. It was hard to envision in the early 2000s. How could a golf course, hotel, and conference center change the landscape of economic development in northwest Alabama? – WHNT

Toyota betting big on 2019 RAV4 model
Toyota Motor Corp.’s has bet a tall pile of chips on the new fifth-generation RAV4 compact SUV, making it the most important single Toyota model in the U.S. since anyone can remember. Twenty-two years ago, while Bill Clinton was still president, Toyota Motor Corp. brought a new small SUV to the U.S., a fusion of car and truck with the odd acronym, RAV4. – Forbes

USDA sending $23M to fix Uniontown’s busted wastewater system
The U.S. Dept. of Agriculture has awarded Uniontown a $23 million grant to rehabilitate the city’s entire wastewater collection system. The money will provide a major infrastructure redesign and rehabilitation and include construction of a connection between Uniontown and Demopolis which will pump wastewater to Demopolis for treatment. – ANN

Feds dedicate $48M to restoring state’s coastal resources
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) has approved more than $48 million for eight new projects focusing on the restoration and conservation of Alabama’s natural resources. The money will go for reef enhancement, land acquisition and shoreline restoration. – WPMI

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